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Ακαδημαική Φιλοσοφία - Academic Philosophy

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This reddit is intended for practicing academic philosophers - undergraduate students, graduate students, teachers, and researchers. This is your home for academic shop-talk.

Persons without training in academic philosophy are welcome to join in the discussions, but you are advised to check with the moderators before posting.

This is an effortful reddit; laziness is the only barrier you need to overcome to participate.

Academic Philosophy operates according to editorial guidelines.


Ask yourself, Would this be appropriate to discuss in a university classroom or faculty lounge?

General expectations:

  • Links to articles of merit and substance, including from the popular press, that directly engage with a philosophical issue or concern the philosophical academic community
  • Civility: personal attacks and links to personal attacks are not acceptable; comments should be thoughtful and polite.
  • Point to specific texts (i.e. don't only introduce something like the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy but select articles of relevance for discussion). Add a comment to explain why you think it is important.
  • Self-authored reviewed (i.e. published or forthcoming) papers welcome!
  • Self-posts are generally discouraged. (All submissions should be framed as contributions not questions/requests for purely personal advice.)
  • Multi-part submissions or follow ups should be posted within the original thread.
  • Announcements - e.g. CFPs, AMAs, surveys - should be cleared with the mods before posting. Only those of general interest to this community and/or suitable for a discussion thread will be permitted. (Most conference announcements will not pass this test.)

Other philosophy reddits

/r/StudentsofPhilosophy - the place to go for sharing resources and getting study help from other philosophy students. (Post homework questions there, not on /AP)

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r/philosophy - the main philosophy reddit: for less academic treatments and discussions of philosophy

Even more philosophy reddits

Some interesting posts to check out

Recent comments on /AP

Some recommended Public Philosophy links (suggest others to the mods)


Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Philosophy Ideas - A database of philosophical ideas, mostly in the western analytic tradition

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Daily Nous - News for and about the philosophy profession


Elucidations - Interviews with prominent philosophers

Minerva - Interviews

The Partially Examined Life - Extended panel discussions of philosophical texts

Philosophy Bites - Short interviews with prominent philosophers (15-20 mins)


The Brains Blog - Forum for work in the philosophy and science of mind

Ersatz Robots - Philosophy of Mind and Graduate Philosophy Study

Leiter Reports - News and views about philosophy and the academic profession, by Brian Leiter

More Important Than That - Philosophy and sport, by David Papineau

Rethink - On Poetry, Politics and Philosophy - A blog by Ashok.

The Philosopher's Beard - Applied moral philosophy and philosophy of economics, by Thomas R. Wells

Philosoph-her - Profiles of women philosophers, by Meena Krishnamurthy

Practical Ethics - Ethical analysis of news events, from the University of Oxford Philosophy Department

The Practical Ontologist - checks 100+ philosophy blogs and creates an always updating digest of online philosophical production, by u/nogre

The Splintered Mind - Reflections in philosophy of psychology, by Eric Schwitzgebel

The Stone - The New York Times' philosophy forum

Understanding Society - Topics in the philosophy of social science, by Daniel Little

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