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A celebration of candid masterpieces

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Photo evidence of life imitating art.

The origin of this subreddit

Find a candid photo that looks like it could be a painting from the Middle Ages, a Warhol Pop-Art poster, or a Ice Age cave drawing? Post it here! All art styles are welcome!


1) If submitting, FLAIR YOUR POST! Include [OC] in the title for original photos. (Users who repeatedly leave their flair as "Help Classify" and do not ask for help with flair will be banned.) Only mods can use "Unclassifiable"

2) Link directly to the photo, not the webpage or gallery page. Your post will be removed and you will need to submit the proper photo link if this rule is violated.

3) Only actual photos are allowed, no paintings or drawings.

4) Photos are supposed to look like real-life examples of famous painting genres, so no photos that look like they could be from movies, tv, photography, etc. Still-life photos are acceptable, but please refer to the following rule:

5) Avoid any photos that were created or staged to look like a certain time period. Submissions should be photos that were taken without the photographer altering the scene. Filters for example, should be minimally noticeable. Removal of submissions that are not in keeping with this rule is at the discretion of the mods. Keep it candid!

6) If you can, in the comments please include a link from where you got the photo and any information about the photographer. Original submissions are encouraged!

7)If you post a photo as "Help Classify" you must provide a comment asking for help or description of why it strikes you as a painting- just do your best, we're not here to judge you. Posting "Help Classify" without a comment asking for help and stating your reason for posting will get you a warning, and if it is not quickly remedied, the post will be removed. Not following this rule repeatedly will result in a ban. Also, please refer to the comment below:

8) Do NOT post a regular photo just to see what art era will be assigned to it. The mods are not here to do that. You should have some kind of idea about why the photo looks like a painting before posting. We don't expect you to be an art historian, just don't abuse the system.

9) While we will not remove a post for having the wrong flair, the mods reserve the right to change the flair if it is incorrect. If you have a question on what flair should be applied, say you need help in the comments of your post.

10) Users who disagree with a submitter's or mod's choice of genre are encouraged to articulate their disagreement and engage in good-natured discussion in the comments; submitters are encouraged to respond to disagreements and/or post a short comment of their own explaining their genre choice. Please don't downvote classifications you disagree with.

11) Cross-posting is allowed, but (X-Post /r...) must be included in the title and the source and original poster's name need to be in the comments.

12) NSFW (nudity, gore, extreme violence, etc.) is not allowed at this time, but may be subject to change.

13) Mods have the right to remove a post for violating rules at any time.

Styles we accept so far: Impressionism, Post Impressionism, Cubism, Fauvism, Expressionism, Dadaism, Surrealism, Pop-Art, Brutalism, Renaissance, Pre-Raphaelite, Greco-Roman, Baroque, Pointillism, Modernism, Post-Modernism, Classicism, Rococo, Orientalism, Neolithic, Medieval, Northern Baroque, Romanticism, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Futurism, Mannerism, Neoclassicism, Hudson River School, Cyberpunk, Vaporwave, Hellenistic, Egyptian, Mayan, Ancient Persia, Academicism, Gothic, Contemporary, Literati, Ukiyo-e, Graffiti, Regionalism, Realism, Neoimpressionism, Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism, American Luminism, Tonalism, Abstract, Arts & Crafts Movement. If we have missed one, message the mods or mention it in the comments and will add it.

BE NICE. Reddit rules apply. This sub is for the love of seeing art and beauty in everyday life. Be awesome to each other.

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