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Accidental Racism: When innocent things appear to be racism, though it's totally not intentional

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This subreddit is for pictures of innocent things that appear to be racist in a certain connotation.

Some examples of what accidental racism could be are:

  • Wording that came out wrong.
  • Ironic pictures.
  • Something that just didn't come out like expected.

Rules and Regulations

I. No intentional racism! Intentional racism and bigotry of any kind will be met with an immediate and permanent ban.

II. Not just accidental racism: Accidental sexism, or any other accidential -ism is also permitted.

III. Crossposts and reposts: Crossposting is allowed. Reposts from the last 90 days or the top 50 of all time are not.

IV. No fakes or staged photos: Content must be genuine; no photoshopped pictures or staged situations for karma. This ain't /r/4chan.

V. NSFW content must be tagged.

VI.Adhere to reddiquette and the reddit content policy. Be civil, no doxxing, brigading, et cetera.

VII. No complaining: Do not complain that in some contexts the accidental racism is innocent or tenuous, or not actually racist. We know. It's accidental. Nothing here is actually racist. Leave that to /r/iamverysmart.

VIII. No critical race discussion posts: The subject and study of critical race theory is a serious topic, however, this is not a serious subreddit. It's primarily a humor subreddit. In light of that, critical race discussions do not belong here.

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