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Today's photos on yesterday's canvas

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Today's Photographs on Yesterday's Canvas

Welcome to /r/AccidentalRenaissance, the subreddit that showcases photographs that inadvertently resemble well-composed Renaissance style art.

We ask that you please read the following five simple suggested rules prior to your submission:

  1. Every Renaissance-esque submissions must be a direct image link and only be sourced with reference to the mod-approved site list.

  2. If the subject in reference to the post is deliberately posed, it is not considered accidental and shall be removed therefor by the moderator.

  3. We recognize there are many related art movements between the 14th and 19th centuries including: Baroque, Neo-classicism, and Romantic. All of these styles are appreciated and welcomed within this subreddit. Any post may be submitted along with the appropriate era designated flair attached if desired.

  4. Creative and original titles resembling that of a labeled caption found in an art exhibition or museum are encouraged. For inspiration and assistance in your inventive title abilities, visit The Louvre.

  5. In advance to your kindly submission, we ask that you visit the reposting critics of KarmaDecay as facsimile artwork is not appreciated here if within recent memory. Despite what modern artists might say.

Context of photographs are encouraged and may be posted in the comment section.

We implore you to familiarize yourself with the official rules and reddiquette. Any and all users or posts shall be removed upon moderator’s discretion if within violation of a rule or rules. If you believe a user has breached any of these agreements, please report or mention a moderator username in the comments.

^Befallen ^posts ^of ^which ^remain ^inferior ^to ^50 ^upvotes ^or ^less ^within ^the ^first ^12 ^hours ^of ^submission ^may ^be ^removed ^in ^order ^to ^provide ^fortuity ^to ^new ^content.

additional memorandum:

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