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Today's photos on yesterday's canvas

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Today's photos on yesterday's canvas

A subreddit that takes photos and make them look like they're from the renaissance.

Creative captions are appreciated!

Post that started it all


Subreddit of the Day! - June 11th, 2015

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  1. With ten gazillion professional photographers lining the field, any sports photo with less than a potato of quality is automatically disqualified.

  2. Just because they won their most recent game our your opponent's icon fell on the floor doesn't mean basketball is Renaissance.

  3. Baroque is okay because this is reddit and we don't care that much.

  4. Professional photography is an entire art form of its own. Just because it looks good doesn't mean it is relevant.

  5. Yes, arms have not changed much since the Renaissance. Thanks for noticing.

  6. Flip phone quality selfies of you and your friends are highly likely to be roasted.

  7. If the subjects of the photo were deliberately posed, it wasn't an accident.

  8. Dinner tables and gently touching fingertips aren't very hard to come by. Make sure they're worth it.

  9. Cats? Only if it's really old-school artsy.

  10. A proper composition does not, on its own, equal Renaissance. Don't dig too deeply into /r/Trashy.

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