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Ace Of Angels

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>Welcome to /r/aceofangels8; the place to be to find information about the K-Pop girl group AOA (Ace of Angels). Feel free to post videos, images, news, questions and discussions and be sure to check out our wiki to find up-to-date information on all sorts of media including variety shows and performances. If you are new, make sure to read the rules before posting and check the wiki to learn more about AOA, such as member profiles, discography, and performances.



> Only AOA related content allowed. Add as much content to submission titles: flairs, date of performance, members in picture etc. No reposts of content that was already posted within the past 3 months NSFW pics/gifs are not allowed. Fancams are fine but strict NSFW content belongs elsewhere No Spamming (i.e. multiple fancams should be in a text post, not several link posts) Behave yourself and everything will be fine ;3 - Reddiquette

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Links and More

>Official Media Links

> Daum Cafe Fansite Official YouTube Member Profiles Offical Site Official Twitter Official Tumblr FNC Entertainment YouTube FNC Entertainment Site * FNC Entertainment Twitter

>Member Instagrams

> [Hyejeong] ( [Yuna] ( [Seolhyun] ( [Jimin] ( [Mina] ( [Chanmi] ( * [Choa] (

About AOA

>AOA debuted with the title track for their first single album "Elvis" the M/V for which was released on July 30, 2012.Ace of Angels consists of 8 members:

> Choa (angel name Choaya) Jimin (angel name Jiminel Yuna (angel name Yunaria) Youkyung (angel name Y) Hyejeong (angel name Hyejeong.Linus) Mina (angel name Minaring) Seolhyun (angel name Seolhyunari) Chanmi (angel name Chanmi T.T)

>Band (AOA Black)

>The band consists of Choa, Jimin, Yuna, Youkyoung and Mina. The idol group consists of all members excluding Youkyoung who is listed as a "half-angel/half-mortal", because she is only a member of the band half, playing the drums, resulting in AOA saying they are a "7+1" group.


>The seven "full angel" members looked on the human world through their crystal ball, and fell in love with the music of humanity. Youkyoung, the "half-angel, half-mortal", also referred to as the key keeper, became curious about the human world and used the key to visit it with the other angels.

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