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Creative sentences that form from Acronyms

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Welcome to the Acronym Game! If you've ever played Acronymble, Acrophobia or any other Acronym based game, the rules are simple. Someone makes a post with a random Acronym in the title and then other people reply to that post with sentences formed from the Acronym.


If players received the letters EUMG, one might write, "Elvis Unglued My Grandfather," or, "Eek!!! Ugly Man-eating Gerbils!" Players then vote for their favorite acronym using up-votes (downvotes disabled as they add no forseeable value).

The game gives players three to ten letters each round to write their sentences. Letters are given in one of three ways:

  1. Purely random (e.g. E.U.M.G.)
  2. All the Same Letter (e.g. S.S.S.S.S.)
  3. A starting letter and a length are given (e.g. “G” and a “6”). Players are then challenged to come up with a 6 letter word that starts with “G” (e.g. “GIGGLE”) and use those letters to write their Sentence. (e.g. Granny Is Glowing, Growing Little Eggplants.”)

There are no right or wrong answers in The Acronym Game. There's no prizes or anything beyond having fun!

Please be aware that some replies may be NSFW. We discourage racist or hateful speech (and will ban for it), but adult language and themes are openly accepted (this is the internet after all).

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