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Add To My Tune!

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We are a sub dedicated to sharing and collaborating on music created by its community's members.

Add to other people's tunes or submit your own tunes to be added onto by others!





  • Please flair your posts accordingly. If you are sharing work to be collaborated on, use the "ATMT" flair. If it's anything else use "OTHER". (You will have the option to flair after you submit.)

  • Please read the stickied post!

  • When sharing work on other websites and social media, such as soundbutt, be sure to include our tag (#atmt) (#addtomytune for Instagram) so we can find it and our name grows!

  • Remember, people spent their own time and effort to contribute. Please do not belittle others or their abilities. Be courteous and have fun!

  • You are encouraged to use

  • Less is more: Please refrain from posting complete songs unless you want a remix to be made.

  • BE NICE ~~seperator~~

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