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Unofficial Addons for Kodi Media Center

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This sub is for discussion and links pertaining to unofficial addons for Kodi Media Center and is not endorsed by Team Kodi/XBMC nor their foundation. Discussion of core Kodi functionality or addons from the Official Kodi Repository should go in /r/Kodi

Sub Introduction Post

For beginners information, frequently asked questions and links to recommended addons in previous months, please see The sub Wiki.

Posting Rules

1) Link posts must be accompanied by a description comment. This comment should give a brief overview of the content contained in the link.

2) Please only post requests for specific movie, tv show or event sources in the provided requests and recommendation megathread.

3) Please use a clear descriptive title when posting. Avoid titles such as "Problem with x", "Question about x" or "Need help with x". The title should be descriptive enough to allow other users to search if they have a similar question.

4) Posts must be directly related to and focused on an unofficial addon or addons for Kodi. Off topic posts including other streaming methods or official addons belong in another sub (see the list below).

5) This is not a place to simply advertise your site or service. Anyone representing a site or service is welcome to post and participate in this sub, but the vast majority of your contribution needs to be in discussion like any other user. Warnings will be issued to users focusing too much on promoting their own site/service, with the potential of a ban for not abiding by this rule.

6) Only one link post to your own site per user should be present on the first page of the sub. If you already have a link post on the first page, wait until it drifts off of it before posting another link.

7) Support posts must include a link to the log file: If your post includes any errors you're getting or a notification to check the log file, you should include a link to the text of your log file. You can learn how to do this very easily here.

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