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AdiposeAmigos :: Karmic Inflation of a Cetacean Persuasion

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AdiposeAmigos is like the grease receptacle at the bottom of a George Foreman Grill. By that I mean it's here to collect all the run-off from other like-minded subs that aren't really meant for memes, cartoons and similar content. - paste the URL of your template, no upload required!

^(Use minimemes for SFW content ONLY please.)

Friends of AdiposeAmigos

  • /r/fatpeoplestories
  • /r/hamplanethatred
  • /r/INeedFABecause

There are few rules.

  1. No personal info - if you can find it on Google chances are it's fine. Facebookesque material must be censored.

  2. No hate - unless it's funny.

  3. No dissent - if you don't like what we do then fuck off. We're not going to change.

Let the good times roll.

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