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Adriana Lima: Beautiful

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Dedicated to Adriana Lima, the most beautiful woman in the world.

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  • 1. Direct links to images or albums are preferred, but absolutely no blogspam or links that lead to popups, spam, porn, etc.
  • 2. Mark nude photos with the NSFW tag, if you aren't sure add it. Nudity is fine, but no fake nude or leaked images.
  • 3. Reposts from within the past two months or the top 50 must be of better quality (quality ≠ resolution).
  • 4. Reposts of older content must be of equal or better quality (quality ≠ resolution).
  • 5. Inappropriate titles or comments will be removed and users banned.
  • 6. Use Google to check for if the images you're submitting have higher quality (quality ≠ resolution) versions available.

First time offenders can expect a warning, but repeated offenses or blatant and excessive rule violations will result in a ban.

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