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Mud Runs, Adventure Races, Tough Guy Obstacle Courses and the like

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Welcome to r/AdventureRacing, the catch-all subreddit for a variety of races and obstacle courses. If you have questions about training, comments about gear and race prep, personal experiences of triumph or failure or even pics that you'd like to share, this is the place.

While technically a traditional adventure race typically involves orienteering and fairly long time periods, we're including the shorter fun races in this subreddit as well. If you find a great race, post it! If you have stories of glory, stories of woe, or just some great pics of you & your muddy friends sleep deprived & slogging it out, post them!

/u/paulbuijis created Mud and Adventure to help find races, and /u/fauxtoe created the Dirty Miles blog. We like to support our racing community, especially when they're working to provide a new resource, so give it a look!

For Tough Mudder races specifically, redditor noahmicapt has created r/ToughMudder, check it out!

Here are a few races. Feel free to email the mod with additional races & they will be added to the list.

Also useful is the TriFind calendar

For fans of citywide scavenger hunts and urban adventure races, redditor misterskinny has just created the r/UrbanAdventureRaces subreddit. I've posted a couple here, but go visit this subreddit for more.

On a non-competitive note, if you're looking for fun runs, check out r/hashhouseharriers for trailblazing, bushwhacking & x-country type stuff. The original group of started back in the 1930's and now have runs worldwide.

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