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Black Is Beautiful!

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Here in /r/Afrodisiac we celebrate and take pleasure of Black/Ebony/African American women that stimulate the mind and cause the arousal of sexual desire. The name comes from the Black goddess of love, Afrodite.

Nudity is a plus but not a must. Self-shots of natural homegrown amateurs are our favorites, but we love real teen models, camgirls and porn starlets too. Cute girl next door or exotic barely legal pro, as long as they're Black and Beautiful.


  1. You are not the Color Police!. Black women come in many different shades of color, if you cannot love and admire that, then this sub isn't for you.

  2. Black women wear weave GET OVER IT! Respect and accept that Black women are individuals, and some Black women like weave in their hair, if you don't like it, good, that's your preference, it won't change theirs. Instead let your votes be your voice. Any comments about it will be automatically removed.

  3. No body shaming Black women's body! Self explanatory, if you don't like a certain body type, downvote it, oh wait, you can't downvote here, so that means you just have move on to other pics you do like instead of focusing on the one you don't.

  4. Black women aren't ingredient flavors! It's not a compliment to call ANY Black woman "chocolate/cocoa/mocha/caramel/vanilla/cinnamon/butter pecan", in fact it's trite and annoying and if I see it will lead to an automatic 3 day ban.

  5. INTRA-RACIAL content only! Black men & Black women ONLY! If you want INTER-RACIAL content with Black women please check out /r/blackchickswhitedicks & /r/damngoodinterracial.

  6. Racist submissions and/or comments! Get that ass banned :D

  7. Zero tolerance policy toward trolls, jerks, assholes and anyone making rude comments to anyone. If you see anything like that please send a message about it to the mods and watch them get that ass banned :D

  8. Disrespect the Gods/Mods! Get that ass banned :D

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