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Afton Robotics Inc.

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We're ProCSS!

Welcome to Afton Robotics Inc. Here we make animatronics, robotic equipment, and more. Founded by William Afton, we are working to make the world a better place. Now hiring for multiple jobs.

[New employees can apply for their own Name Tag here.] (

We have made a list of the animatronics and paranormal objects we investigated so far. To avoid confusion, the list will be linked here. It's divided in two parts:

And here is a list of creations we use for research aid and to defend our lifes in occasional occurences.

Company is not responsible for injury or dismemberment.


1) Please be respectful to others.

2) Please try to keep subjects about [DATA REDACTED] Pizza and the things we do here.

3) No low-quality or low-effort posts. See here.

4) This is a roleplaying subreddit. If you want to break character, please put what you want to say like (this) or this.

5) If you are going off character for an entire post, please begin the title of the post with the words "Off Character".

6) Please don't reveal too much information about the company.

7) Please, no NSFW. Looking at you, Nosmas.

For chatting ~~and roleplaying~~ with other employees go to the Discord Page

If you want you can stay caught up with our Tumblr Page

Original idea was from the SCP Wiki.

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