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Eat cells or die trying

You are a blob, wandering around and absorbing smaller blobs to grow. Larger blobs, likewise, seek to absorb you. Survive by gliding around obstacles and other blobs, but be careful of the viruses!

How to Play

  • ★ Eat the pellets on the ground and other cells to gain mass and become larger
  • ★ Avoid larger cells because they can absorb you
  • ★ Press SPACE to split your cell into 2 cells
  • ★ Press W to eject mass
  • ★ Use viruses to your advantage
  • ★ Have fun!

Rules - Read Before Posting

  • ★ Please be respectful to everybody.
  • ★ Do not post/ask for cheats, exploits, or anything that might give one an unfair advantage (this includes image/video content in which cheats are used). Posts like this will be taken down immediately and the user may receive a 3 day ban.
  • ★ Do not post spam of any kind (this includes unofficial apps, unrelated blogs, etc).
  • ★ Do not post any party codes or requests for short-term teams. Join #agarioevents on IRC to play with other people.
  • ★ No shitposting.
  • Full list of banned posts
  • ★ Please flair your post.
  • ★ Posting videos is restricted, more here.
  • Moderators reserve the right to remove any post they deem unfit for the subreddit.

Useful Links

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