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Welcome to AgeplayPenPals! If you're looking for a place to post where you don't need to obscure certain details of your fantasies or your Little identity, this subreddit is for you. As long as you are over 18 and are seeking others over 18, feel free to include other fantasy/little ages in your post.


  • Be respectful. Don't bully, harass, or generally be an asshole in PMs, posts, or comments.

  • 18+ only: Any post not clearly stating that you are an adult seeking an adult fantasy partner will be removed. You will be given ONE warning. If it happens again, you will be permabanned. You can roleplay as any age you like, but must be legally an adult to post here.

  • Limit partner-seeking posts to one per 8 hours. Reposting the same prompt requires a 12 hour wait.

  • Do not ask to play celebrities that are minors.

  • A stands for Ageplay. Posts not containing ageplay will be removed.

  • You may not post a picture inside a post, stating that you are that person, without first verifying that you are with a moderator.

  • Do not ask to discuss real-world experiences, your underage past, or any other real-world activities that actually occurred. The same goes for asking about those experiences from your partner. A fantasy disclaimer does not give you free reign to discuss real events regarding minors.

  • Picture Policies

  • No pictures of persons under 18 may be posted or linked to, whether or not they're NSFW.

  • Other NSFW pictures are allowed if they serve a purpose in your post, but they MUST be over 18. This includes drawn images.

  • Do not ask people to send you pictures of underaged people or offer to do so yourself.

  • Don't post or request personal contact info in posts: no phone numbers, email addresses, addresses, or sharing someone else's. This includes KIK names in posts or comments

  • All interactions on APP are free. No posts offering or soliciting gifts, money, donations, or other compensation.

  • Do not copy someone else's writing. This is a writing subreddit, so respect the creativity of others. If you like an idea, rewrite it in your own words.

  • Post tags must be tagged. Use the following format: '[<gender>4<gender>]' with genders being M, F, A, or T (for male, female, anyone, and trans*). Untagged posts will be automatically removed.

  • Put effort into your posts. There is a minimum post length; posts that are too short will be automatically removed.

  • To help prevent spam, posts will be automatically removed unless the poster's account is at least 24 hours old.

If you see someone violating any of the above rules, please report it and/or screenshot the post/comment/PM and contact the subreddit mods.


If you would like verified flair, go to /r/VerifiedPenPals and follow their instructions. Once you're verified on that subreddit, PM the mods of APP with a link to your verification post on VPP. Simple!

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