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Ahri Mains

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Rules of the sub - please check this wiki page for more information and explanations on why we decided to set those rules.

1 : Only posts related to Ahri and/or promoting discussion about Ahri. Posts seen as "off-topic" are subject to removal by moderators. Keep posts SFW.

2 : No Mastery Scores, "personal achievements", advertising, generic questions or posts asking for Clubs. They will be removed in most cases.

3 : Don't be a dick. Report flames, spam, rule-breaking posts or comments and PM mods in case of problems.

4 : Have fun chatting and enjoy yourself! PM mods in case you need or want to suggest anything.

Essential Links:

Discord Server Invite!

Matchup List and link to Weekly Matchup Threads

/u/foxes_are_the_best's big 3 Ahri Builds

/u/foxes_are_the_best's Match up spreadsheet

Elusive Ferret's guide

Liaeriel's guide

known Ahri clubs list

get your own Mastery Score flair!

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