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Albany, NY

7,829 subscribers a community for 9 years, 3 months

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>>> ###### Meet-up Status
>>> ###### Local Pro Tips

About > > /r/Albany is for everything related to to the Capital of New York State, Albany, along with the surrounding areas in the greater Capital Region.


> > * Be civil. Excessive hostility will not be tolerated.

> * No personal Facebook/Tumblr link submissions or link shorteners.

> * No blogspam.

> * Divisive comments will be removed. Repeat offenders will be banned. Consider this your warning.

>* Follow reddiquette.

>* No memes.

>* Political submissions that aren't directly related to Albany belong in /r/NewYork and/or /r/NYSPolitics.

>* Keep the low effort circlejerky posts in our /r/518circlejerk

Sidebar worthy stuff

> > * -Gold Contest- How much snow will Albany Airport get this season

> * -Gold Contest- Best Albany photo

> * Reasons to move to Albany, NY?

> * Best of... r/Albany Mega-Thread

> * Big list of Birthday Freebies

> * Click "edit" next to your name in the sidebar to assign yourself custom userflair!

New York State Subreddits

> > * /r/NewYork

>* /r/Rochester

>* /r/Syracuse

>* /r/Utica

>* /r/Buffalo

>* /r/HudsonValley

>* /r/Ithaca

>* /r/Saratoga

>* /r/GlensFalls

>* /r/Schenectady

>* /r/Troy

Albany Area College Subreddits

> >* /r/UAlbany

>* /r/RPI

>* /r/UnionCollege

>* /r/StRose

>* /r/Siena

>* /r/SUNYPoly

Some interesting stuff

> > * View our public traffic stats here!

Messaging The Moderators

>* If you submit a post and it does not appear in the new queue, then please send us a message.

>* Feel free to message us with any general comments, questions, or concerns.

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Boston, MA -- Please read the sidebar

97,337 subscribers a community for 10 years, 8 months

last post 1 day ago [+]

Welcome to r/Boston, a reddit focused on Boston, MA, the Greater Boston Area, and New England.

># Please Note > Doxxing, trolling, witch hunting, brigading, shitstirring, and/or user impersonation will not be tolerated under any circumstances.


Moving to the Boston area?

  • Check out the moving FAQ for residency resources and user tips. The City of Boston website also has a lot of getting-settled resources.

  • Looking for a local job? Want to share an opening? See /r/BostonJobs

  • Have renting/owning questions, or just seeking roommate(s)? See /r/bostontenants and /r/bostonhousing/

Visiting Boston, or seeking locally-sourced tips?

We get a lot of posts asking about visiting and making the most of the city! We ask that you do some research before posting.

># r/Boston rules We have some rules that extend beyond global reddiquette. > >1. Flag all NSFW posts. >- Clarify subject of post and do a bit of research using search engine ahead of posting, particularly for inquiries about moving, tourism, or recommendations (see FAQ above). >- No memes/image macros/rage comics/etc. as self/link posts. Also includes adbusting, manipulated images, etc. Images which are Boston-relevant are acceptable on occasion. If posting any images, post a direct link to the image file. >- Don't harass other users. If someone is harassing you in a thread, tell the mods and link to the source. If someone is harassing you in private, tell the Reddit admins. Egregious documented harassing of other users (especially in racist, sexist, and/or homophobic manner) may lead to being banned. >- Please refrain from links/URLs to sites that require a login/subscription (i.e. Facebook) -- even if some content is public, much of it isn't. For now, Boston Globe links ARE STILL permitted. >- No self/link posts that constitute advertising: no crowdfunding, coupons, referral programs, self-affiliated business, event, or service promoting. Promo codes, giveaways, and paid/unpaid studies are also considered advertisement. Habitually linking to one's personal blog, digital art portfolio, social media outposts, and text-based promotional content is discouraged. If your content fits in one of these categories, advertise through Reddit's targeted system instead. >- No posts regarding buying or selling of goods, tickets, housing, services, items, nor for-hire/to-hire listings. >- No URL shorteners or misleading titles. Posts should have URL of clearest permalink known; use of URLs from publications with officially-generated links permitted. Misleading, editorialized, or sensationalized post titles discouraged when suggested or objective title will do. >- Please submit the original article/source whenever possible (if in accordance to rule 5.) Personal blog/reblog/aggregated or repeat link submissions are subject to removal; readers are encouraged to report these.

NB: For urgent spam-flood filter requests, message the mods and include link(s) to spam posts or user profile.

># Journalist/photographer/artist participation on r/boston: >Please see this before you post. Content creators are expected to actively contribute to discussion outside their own threads in addition to submitting links.

> # Other local interest subreddits > Directory of Greater Boston Area town/sport/social/interest subreddits > Did we miss one? Let us know.

> #Post and account-related issues

> Where's my post?! If your post doesn't show up, it may be for several reasons: > > * Is your account brand new, or do you have zero/negative comment karma? > * Did your title/content include prohibited slurs or harassment? > * Is your post content unfit due to in any of the other rules on the sidebar? > * Did you post a question that the FAQ or a quick subreddit search covers? > >If one or more of these things is true, your post was likely removed due to the Automoderator's specifications. These moderation specifications are in effect to prevent trolling/brigading, duplicate accounts, and FAQ-solvable issues. Please take steps to fix the problem if your content falls into one of the above categories.

>If issues still arise, or you think your post was removed/automodded in error, contact the moderators. Include the word 'alkaline' in your message so we know you read this section first. Please note, mods cannot edit your post title or content.

> #Still have an issue? > >Like other city-focused reddits, we deal with a high volume of posts and spam. Please message the mods with any requests, but note that we sometimes miss things. However, if you don't hear from us, it's okay to message again a few days later. Repeatedly messaging the moderators on a constant basis and/or with intentional hostility is a violation of rule 4. We are limited in the tools and resources we have available to us. Be civil, don't spam, and try to follow the rules.

>For overall security, it is recommended to enable SSL on your reddit account.

Sticking posts

As with all other reddits, we have the ability to make just two self/text posts visible at the top of the subreddit. Generally, these two spots are used to highlight an FAQ and a post that's important, funny, a major current event, or just something that needs more attention.

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Reddit Chile

38,003 subscribers a community for 8 years, 9 months

last post 8 days ago [+]

¡Únete a nuestro Discord!
¡Síguenos en Twitter!
Canal IRC en Snoonet

> #Before asking questions about Chile > Please read /r/Chile's FAQ

> Participating in this subreddit you agree to follow our rules. Also see the addendum

> #Antes de hacer alguna pregunta > Lee el FAQ de /r/Chile

> Participando en nuestro subreddit aceptas nuestras reglas

> Ver también actualización de reglas

> Public Mod Log: Registro público de todas las acciones tomadas por los moderadores

> # Subreddit relacionados > * /m/ChileHub Multireddit con todos los subs chilenos > * Grupo de Reddit Chile en Facebook > * /r/Santiago > * /r/LaRoja > * /r/ChilENTs > * /r/ChileCringe > * /r/ChileCircleJerk > * /r/TopMusicChile > * /r/DictaduraEnChile > * /r/ChileGonewild > * /r/CryptoChile > * /r/MemoriaDeChile > * /r/ChileArte > * /r/ANormalDayInChile > * /r/Wallmapu > * /r/ClubdelecturaChile > * /r/WorldNews

> #Subreddits en español

> Regionales

> * /r/Argentina: Comunidad argentina > * /r/Bolivia: Comunidad boliviana > * /r/Colombia: Comunidad colombiana > * /r/Ecuador: Comunidad ecuatoriana > * /r/Es: Comunidad española > * /r/Latinoamerica: Comunidad latinoamericana > * /r/Mexico: Comunidad mexicana > * /r/Peru: Comunidad peruana > * /r/Vzla: Comunidad venezolana

> Temáticos

> * /r/programacion: Subreddit de programación. > * /r/Cinefilos Latin/Spanish cinema > * /r/Psicoesp: Psicología en español. > * /r/redditores: Punto en común de la comunidad hispanoparlante. > * /r/LGBTes Comunidad LGBT hispanoparlante

> Todos los subreddits en español

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Rocky Mountain High

75,883 subscribers a community for 9 years, 11 months

last post 6 days ago [+]

># Click here for a list of our weekly meetups! >  

Denver FAQ Useful information, please read if you're new here!

Denver Discord Server

> # Rules of /r/Denver > 1. Please ask questions about Denver (moving, visiting, where to get X) in the Q&A sticky thread. The FAQ is also very useful and is regularly updated. Please do not treat r/Denver as your personal Google or Yelp.
> 2. Be welcoming and helpful.
> 3. Don't post personal info or Missing Persons posts.
> 4. Refrain from self-promotion and spam.
> 5. Don't post illegal/dangerous meetups.
> 6. [Buying/Selling/Employment posts will be removed.] ( "Posts about buying and selling items including goods, concerts tickets, services, housing/roommates or any other Craigslist/Classified-type listings belong on /r/denverlist. Job listing/seeking posts belong on /r/denverjobs. Both will be removed from /r/Denver.")
> 7. Denver Events may be posted once only
> 8. Posts should relate to the Denver metro area.
> 9. Duplicate posts will be removed. Don't editorialize news article post titles.

Rules & Moderation Info

> # Popular Searches Updated Marijuana FAQ Denver Travel Guide Moving Road Conditions Tattoo Artists Visiting

> # Related Subreddits Local Interest Subreddits Local City & Community Subreddits
Denver Pro Sports Teams Subreddits
Denver Jobs
* Denver List (Buying & Selling)

> # Support Redditor Businesses
> | | > :-: | :-: | :-: | :- > 12 Broadway Self Storage | Dice Candies > | Zen Magnets Local Business Directory

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454 subscribers a community for 6 years, 10 months

last post 1 day ago [+]

Home Hot New Rising Controversial Top Wiki

The place to be for relevant information, events and discussion about Maastricht!


  • Please follow the reddit rules and the reddiquette.
  • This is a bilingual subreddit (both English and Dutch are allowed), but English is somewhat preferred due to the international culture of Maastricht and its university.

Related subreddits

  • /r/TheNetherlands
  • /r/Amsterdam
  • /r/Eindhoven
  • /r/Frisia
  • /r/Groningen
  • /r/Haarlem
  • /r/Leiden
  • /r/Rotterdam
  • /r/Utrecht
  • /r/Zwolle

New to reddit? Click here!

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12,590 subscribers a community for 10 years, 2 months

last post today [+]

Search redditSubmit a postMessage the mods

A subreddit for everything related to the state of Massachusetts

Local town/city subreddits

|--|--| :-|:- /r/Boston|/r/NewEngland /r/CambridgeMA|/r/Somerville /r/NorthShore|/r/SouthShore /r/central_ma|/r/Nantucket /r/MedfordMass|/r/medfordma /r/Medfield|/r/WestfieldMA /r/Northampton|/r/Agawam /r/BrightonMA|/r/PlymouthMA /r/Natick|/r/Waltham /r/JamaicaPlain|/r/MelroseMA /r/413|/r/CapeCod /r/QuincyMA|/r/SouthCoast /r/MetroWest|/r/Gloucester /r/SalemMA|/r/WitchCity /r/Plainville|/r/LynnMA /r/Springfield|/r/lowellma /r/Brockton|/r/Millis /r/FraminghamMA|/r/PioneerValley /r/Stoughton|/r/woburn /r/Millbury|/r/HanoverMA

MA interest/news subreddits

|--|--| :-|:- /r/BostInno|/r/MassPoli /r/BostonSocialClub|/r/-BoardGames /r/BikeBoston|/r/BostonHousing /r/BostonTrees|/r/BostonSingles /r/Boston_Running|/r/MBTA /r/BostonFilm|/r/BostonMusic /r/BostonExplorers|/r/-PickupSports /r/MassAirsoft|/r/MArideit /r/maguns|--

MA sports subreddits

|--|--| :-|:- /r/RedSox|/r/BostonBruins /r/Celtics|/r/Patriots

MA college subreddits

|--|--| :-|:- /r/Brandeis|/r/UmassD /r/WIT|/r/UML /r/Dartmouth|/r/NEU /r/MIT|/r/UMassBoston /r/BostonCollege|/r/Simmons /r/UMass|/r/WPI /r/HampshireCollege|/r/ClarkU /r/umaine|/r/BentleyU /r/BrownU|/r/Fitchburgstate /r/Berklee|/r/Babson /r/Babson|/r/MassArt /r/EmersonCollege|/r/BostonU /r/Harvard|/r/TheBAC /r/BunkerHill|/r/WheatonCollege /r/SalemState|/r/Tufts


/r/CHUSETTS: the local /r/MURICA
All MA subreddits (curated by /u/mattieo123, moderator of /r/SalemState)

If you want to have your MA-related subreddit added to our sidebar, please message the mods!

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Northeastern University

152 subscribers a community for 8 years, 3 months

last post 32 days ago [+]

For people who work or study at Northeastern University. It's like Boston University, except without all the pretentiousness!

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19,373 subscribers a community for 9 years, 7 months

last post today [+]

Subreddit Rules

  • Please follow Redditquette when posting in /r/Oklahoma.
  • Please see the subreddit rules for details on what is permissible.
  • Posts must contain a topic relating to or about the state of Oklahoma or its cities in some way, shape or form. The criteria is open to interpretation, but mods will have the final say if a post is approved or not.
  • We encourage local businesses and events to be promoted here, but any promotional/job/ad postings must be cleared through moderators first.
  • Racist, discriminatory, and hateful speech will not be tolerated and will be met with a permanent ban

Guide to Oklahoma


  • Events planned by your fellow Redditors to meet in person. If you have a Reddit meetup planned, please create a post and then message the moderators.


Colleges and Universities




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Santiago, Chile

1,145 subscribers a community for 9 years, 9 months

last post 2 days ago [+]


Everything related to Santiago, the biggest and most important city of Chile.

Before posting we suggest you to please check previous posts, the links on the sidebar and Google.


Aquí va todo lo relacionado con Santiago, la ciudad más grande e importante de Chile.

Antes de postear POR FAVOR usa el buscador y lee los enlaces a continuación:

Also visit r/Chile

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For residents of Somerville, MA

3,162 subscribers a community for 9 years

last post today [+]

Select your flair, show your neighborhood.

Neighborhood forums:

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Virginia Politics

3,836 subscribers a community for 6 years, 8 months

last post today [+]

For stories about politicking in the Old Dominion, with more politics than /r/Virginia and more Virginia than /r/politics.

Post Guidelines

  • Posts must be explicitly related to Virginian politics. This includes the interaction of federal and state politics, as well as that state's congressional delegation. Local politics are permissible if they would reasonably be of interest to a statewide audience.

  • Title must fairly describe link contents. If your title differs from the site's, it should only be to add context or be more descriptive.

  • Opinion pieces should be labeled as such [Opinion]

  • Links must be to quality and original content. Articles should be worth reading. Clickbait, stub articles, and rehosted or stolen content are not allowed.

Comment Guidelines

  • Be civil.

  • No memes, trolling, or low-effort comments.

  • Vote based on comment quality, not agreement. This subreddit aims to foster discussion; please reward people for putting effort into articulating their viewpoint, even if you disagree with it.

  • No hate speech, slurs, or abusive language. This will result in a ban.

Civic Links

Local News Sources

National Media Coverage of Virginia


Related Subreddits

  • /r/Virginia

  • /r/blacksburg

  • /r/Charlottesville
  • /r/HamptonRoads
  • /r/norfolk
  • /r/nova
  • /r/rva
  • /r/VirginiaBeach

  • /r/gmu

  • /r/jmu
  • /r/ODU
  • /r/UVA
  • /r/VirginiaTech
  • /r/vcu
  • /r/williamandmary

  • /r/VAGuns

  • /r/VirginiaLibertarians
  • /r/VirginiaForSanders
  • /r/virginients

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