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All Things Prepper

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6 Simple Rules. So far.

  1. BE CIVIL.

  2. Don't downvote unless you subscribe and don't downvote a post to a Karma of 0. We are a small community and we need to support each other. If you do not like the post, leave a comment as to why you disagree. Get a dialogue started.

  3. Related to 2, don't downvote because you do not understand why the post was made. That is what comments are for. To clarify meaning. If you truly feel it is spam, you can mark it as spam and I will review it.

  4. Don't mark any of my posts as Spam or you get banned. Again to reiterate, if you don't like my posts, feel free to leave.

  5. Leave politics alone. I do not want unproductive flame wars erupting.

  6. No self-promotion. We are only interested in honest reviews from 3rd party sources.

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