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When it almost goes right, but then fucks up completely

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Whether it's a parkour attempt, or just a stupid stunt; if it failed, post it here and share the laughs.


  • All posts must show a failed parkour/stunt attempt

All posts must show either a failed parkour attempt, or a stupid stunt gone wrong. Ordinary stunts, such as skateboarding, bmxing etc. are not allowed. If you are unsure if a stunt is stupid, just message us mods and we'll let you know.

  • Don't be a douchebag

No insulting, rudeness, or trolling. Have a laugh, and have fun. Also no purposefully giving out spoilers.

  • Visibly bad injuries must be marked NSFW

Anything showing broken bones, accidental stabbings, or anything else of the sort must be marked NSFW. Even if it's a comment which links an image, or video it must start with [NSFW]

  • All posts showing death must be marked [NSFL]

Anything showing death must be marked [NSFL] Even if it's a comment which links an image, or video it must start with [NSFL]

  • No compilations

Compilations must not be posted to this sub. If you would like to post a clip from a compilation, you can either upload it as a separate video, or as a gif.

  • Reposts

Any posts that have already been posted in the last 3 months are not allowed to be submitted. After 3 months time, being 30/12/2017 top 50 posts will not be allowed to be reposted.

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