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Amateur Pics

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/r/Amateur is dedicated to providing the best amateur photos, and .gifs. This reddit is automatically NSFW and hardcore content is welcome. Please use Imgur or Gfycat to host your images - spam will be removed.

This awesome trick was created by /u/ubershmekel.



  1. Do not ask for or post personal information. Including:

First or last names.

Names/Locations of States, Towns, Schools, Jobs etc...

No mentions of any social media sites.

No posting of GoneWild girls without their expressed written consent.

  1. No Professionals

Amateurs only

If you participate in subreddits where you trade services for money, you may no longer participate in /r/Amateur

  1. Direct links only.

Imgur or Gfycat only

No albums as submissions

Albums are permitted in the comments section.

  1. Don't claim to be in the photo or claim to know someone in the photo.

    Moderators may ask for verification

  2. Brand new accounts are not allowed to post here: please participate on Reddit elsewhere before submitting here.

  3. No suggestive or sexual content featuring minors. Any questionable/illegal material will be removed and reported.

  4. Comments deemed to be offensive and rude, especially in regards to self-posters will be removed and subject to ban.

  5. Don't flood the queue: Limit on posts is around ten in a 24 hour period.

If you see any offensive comments, underage persons, or other illegal content, please click on this link and send us a message immediately. Thank you.

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