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Do not post personal information

  • This includes persons' last names, geographical locations, facebooks, and the like. Users posting identifiable information will be banned immediately.


  • This is a list of users that have requested for their content to be removed. All content regarding these users will be removed immediately and may result in a ban.

Do post awesome content!

  • When posting content that isn't a request, link directly to an album and not a single image! Feel free to post more related content in the comments there after.

Preferred title formats

  1. u/thatnakedgirl [69/N]
  2. sometumblrgirl [69/NN]
  3. Your silly description of her nipples [69/N]

  4. N = Nudity

  5. NN = No Nudity
  6. 69 = Number of images in album

Do not post active 4chan/soc users.

Request Guidelines

  1. Search for more using this guide.

  2. Put [Request] in the title.

  3. Requests must have at least one result on Google Reverse Image Search.

  4. Gonewild requests must contain /u/ and the username. e.g. /u/thatnakedgirl

  5. Each user is allowed only one request per week.

  6. Requesters' reddit account must be at least 30 days old.

  7. Amateur content only. Professional sets can be requested on /r/TipOfMyPenis and /r/PornID.

  8. Requests must contain a photo from the set. One set per request. No videos.

Requests violating the guidelines will be removed

User Aliases

We keep this r/Gonewild Alias List updated to keep track of username changes and account deletions, be sure to check here when requesting, some posters are on their 11th account!


If you own any content posted here and want it removed message the mods. We will not hesitate to remove posts when asked by the owner, and we will ensure no future posts will contain their content.

  1. Provide links to the posts/comments in question.

  2. Take a timestamped photo with the usernames you would like blacklisted written on the timestamp,

  3. Upload this pic to Imgur, and include this link in your modmail. Make sure we can compare photo to something in the pics you want removed.

If you report a post or comment, please leave a comment or message the mods and explain why the post was reported; reports without explanation will likely be ignored.

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