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Amateur Photography

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Amateur Photography

Welcome to /r/AmateurPhotography! In this subreddit, you can post pictures you've taken, ask for tips, give advice and learn more about photography!


  • Please be accurate with your information

  • Post specs of pictures where possible. ISO, Shutter speed, Aperture and post processing tool (If any).

  • Do not advertise your website, blog, forum, portfolio or subreddit without asking the moderators permission first and making sure it fits the rest of the rules and what this subreddit is about.
  • Do not insult people or their photos, advice does not have to be mean.
  • Questions without sufficient context (budget, purpose, brand preference, etc. ) are not allowed; please include as much detail as possible.
  • Critiquing does not mean to be rude to other people or their photos, just because someone has a less of a camera then you does not make them a worse of a photographer.
  • Do not blogspam, if you share a picture please use Imgur, Flickr or a direct link of a picture!


  • [OC - My Pic] - To share your own picture you took
  • [A Pic] - To show a picture that you want to recreate
  • [OC - My Album] - To share an album you made and took yourself
  • [Help] - To ask for help on an issue
  • [Question] - To ask a question


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  • Imgur
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  • Flickr


  • Own a subreddit that is focused on a genre of photography or know of one to be featured here? just mail the moderators and we will review the subreddit!

  • /r/macroporn

  • /r/exposureporn
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  • /r/MacroPhotography
  • /r/PhotoJournalism
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