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Amazon Items for Under $5

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Welcome to /r/AmazonUnder5! Please read the rules before submitting!



>If you violate the rules, you will be banned. Bans are considered routine, and intended to get you to read this sidebar. If you have been banned, please send us a modmail and note which rule you broke, and we will unban you, trusting that you will take note of the rules. If you're not sure which rule you broke, perhaps there was a misunderstanding. Again, send us a modmail and we'll investigate. We're happy to unban you in a heartbeat, once we've established that we're on the same page. (We don't bite!)

> Why items under $5 on Amazon?

> Several rewards programs (like Bing Rewards) offer gift cards to Amazon for $5 as a redeemable reward. However, finding an item on, or that is under $5 and worth buying is hard to find. So why not make it simpler? That's why there's /r/AmazonUnder5.

Want to learn how to access the full potential of Bing Rewards to collect points? Check out the /r/AmazonUnder5 wiki to learn more.

  • Rules
    1. All links must be from the official Amazon website.
    1. Prices must be below $5 including shipping.
    1. Absolutely no spam, this results in an immediate ban. (Besides the food product, that is...)
    1. No referral or affiliate links! Only post links that directly link to Amazon. Links should follow the "<possible item name>/db/<numbers>/" format. There should be no "ref=..." in the link. are allowed, as is
    1. All items must be sold new and if there is a different seller than the default, specify so.
    1. If the product is being sold by an alternate vendor, please flair it, share the vendor in the link's comments. (Don't know how to flair? Visit the FAQ
    1. Please flair your posts!!!

  • How to post
  • To post something, include the name of the item and the price, and other important info if it is not in the flair options. See example below:
  • Example Item on Amazon [Price]/[Free Shipping]/[Prime]
  • Also, make sure your post isn't a referral link or wishlist link. To guarantee this, strip your submission URL down to ""
  • Keep NSFW tags where needed, as Amazon does have NSFW content.
  • After your item has been posted, tag it with flair, if applicable. Don't know how to apply flair? See the FAQ post below.

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Questions? Visit the FAQ wiki.

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