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Rules|Explanation :--|:-- 1. No affiliate links.|Amazon affiliate links are banned, as they promote spam and not weird content. You WILL be banned if you are caught doing this. 2. Include price and description in your title.|Please include the price somewhere in your post title. 3. No reposts.|Please search to see if your post has been posted before before submission; thank you! 4. You need to have a WEIRD item.|Your post must contain items on Amazon that are unusual, weird, or bizarre content that, well, you wouldn't EXPECT to find on Amazon. Gag gifts must be weird, not just funny. "Weird" items are subjective, and links can be removed for being too normal at moderator discretion. 5. NSFW stuff must be sufficiently weird.|Mark NSFW links as such, and don't post something like a sex toy unless it's at least SOMEWHAT weird. |For instance, this "anatomically correct" dildo in the shape of a whale penis would be weird enough to warrant posting here, but a regular dildo would not. Assume all the links are NSFW by default, unless your workplace encourages looking at whale dildos on company time. 6. Don't blogspam.|If posting multiple items, please submit a text post. 7. Be civil.|Don't post political stuff (For example, posting a link to Amazon selling a firearm or circumcision item) and try not to engage in fights with other users or mods, please. If you disagree with someone else, be nice about it. 8. No books.|If a book has some physical element attached, (like a keychain) then it's allowed, but in general all weird/wacky/shitty books should be posted to /r/pieceofshitbookclub.



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