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American History

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Welcome to /r/Americanhistory. This reddit is dedicated to anything related to North or South America up until and through the year 1992. We encourage friendly discourse, debates, questions, articles, discoveries, or anything else relevant to the Americas within the given time period.


  • Use respect at all times.

  • We have a zero tolerance policy for racism, sexism, homophobia, using "retard" as an insult and other derogatory remarks.

  • This reddit is for history of the Americas up until 1993. Posts that don't contain anything relevant to that will be deleted.

  • We have a no tolerance policy for memes, screencaps, or other "meme-like" content. Such content will be deleted.

  • Blogspam and self promotion is against the rules. It's fine if you want to link back to your website once in awhile, but if that's all you do without engaging in the community you will be banned.

  • Link posts must include a comment giving a summary of the content and why it is relevant. These comments should serve to spark conversation on the post.

  • Sources are heavily encouraged when constructing an argument or post. They are not required, but add credibility.


Good posts that constructively add to the conversation, people citing sources, and helpful answers.


Unhelpful or antagonistic replies.


Blogspam, self promotion, flaming, insults, memes, or anything else that breaks our rules.

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