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Check out some South Ameristralian food!

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Official threads


  • Can I have the Ameristralia flag as my flair? There are no plans for this yet. We want Ameristralians to be able to learn from our different cultures. Being able to identify where people come from helps.

  • There's a petition to join Australia and America! Can you put it in the sidebar so that more people sign it? Reddit is already in the spotlight after the whole Boston issue, so we don't want to go messing with the American authorities any time soon.

  • How much is an Ameristralian Dollar (ASD) worth? Exactly 1/100th of a bitcoin. You can find a converter here.

Official Ameristralia Steam Group

  • Join your fellow gaming Matriots here!


  • No arguing about which country is better. We're clearly both superior to /r/NewZanada

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  • Do not call for votes in another subreddit.

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Don't take this subreddit too seriously. No actual country is being formed here, nor are we conspiring against any governments or pledging allegiances to other flags or countries. It is understood that any content you provide here is no longer your intellectual property.

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