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Backgrounds for amoled phones

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Welcome! The images in this subreddit have been designed to be mostly true black. This can reduce power usage on phones with AMOLED displays, as they actually switch off pixels that are meant to display black, thereby saving power. It also looks good and it's easier on the eyes in lower-lit environments.

Contribute if you can, vote on the content you like, and remember to subscribe!


  1. Submissions

(a) Your submissions should be at least 40% true black, as in #000000.

(b) Tag your submission titles with the image resolution - e.g. [1080x1920].

(c) When posting albums, all images should be of the same orientation, and the smallest and largest resolutions go in the title - e.g. [1080x1920] - [1440x2560].

(d) If your image gets heavily compressed when uploaded, link a copy of the image file on Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. in the comments of your submissions.

Note that imgur lossily compresses images that are over 5MB in size (1MB for anonymous uploads).

  1. Requests

Requests go in the stickied requests thread, not in their own posts.

This is to free up the front page and draw focus to the wallpapers. Please report any individual request threads you see so that we can remove them and direct their OP to the stickied thread.

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