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Rules of /r/Amsterdam

  • Read the Wiki First
    The wiki is written by /r/Amsterdam regulars, with all our secret tips and advice.

  • Use the Weekly Stickies
    If you are visiting or moving to Amsterdam, post your question in our weekly sticky thread. This way everyone benefits from the discussion.

  • Intolerance is not tolerated
    Amsterdam has been historically known as a tolerant place. We do not accept intolerance in any form on this subreddit.

  • No blatant spam
    We permit promotional material only if it is infrequent, directly relevant to a redditor living in Amsterdam rather than someone visiting Amsterdam, and the poster engages with the readership. Everything else is forbidden.

Meetups - Borrel/Drinks & More!

  • Post and let us know if you have an event to be added to the list!

  • /r/Amsterdam Facebook group
    Open only to people who can prove they've actually spent a few minutes on /r/Amsterdam.


  • /r/AmsterdamEnts

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