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News & Discussion Relevant To Anarchists.

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News, stories, articles, discussions, and posts of interest to anarchists.

Topics ranging from economics & environmental degradation to protests & the military-industrial complex. For freedom, sustainability, and revolution.

If you take the time to post, we'll keep the spam filter clean. Anarchist News is intended to be a minimally-moderated but content-rich alternative to r/Anarchism -- because Reddit needs a new anarchist forum which isn't moderated by dishonest reactionary trolls.

Events & Protests:

If you want to submit any information about anarchist events we'll link them here...


Wikipedia on Anarchism

An Anarchist FAQ

Instead of a FAQ, by a Man Too Busy to Write One

The Anarchist Encyclopedia

Anarchist Archives Virtual Library

Tech Tools for Activism

COINTELPRO - How Agents Disrupt Online Forums

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