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Welcome to /r/Anarchopunks! We have one rule here, and that is that your posts be directly involved with Anarcho-punk music, culture, philosophy, literature, people, or gigs.

You may be wondering what Anarcho-punk actually is, so i'll give you a quick definition, but first, a quick definition of Anarchism.

"Firstly, anarchism is not mindless anarchy, it is not meaningless violence and disorder. It is as valid a socio-political ideology as any other, primarily meaning order without power. There are many different forms of anarchism."

Now for the definition of Anarcho-Punk

"Anarcho-punk in literal English language definition does not mean anarchist punk, it is a term that means punk that is influenced by anarchism, or other radical progressive political motivations. Here we do not assume that just because a band is commonly labelled anarcho-punk by it's fans means that they are anarchist idealists."

These definitions come courtesy of "ghost in the void".

Some Anarcho-punk websites that may interest you are.

ANARCHO-PUNK.NET For most of your Anarcho-punk needs and wants.

No Gods, No Masters Support your fellow Anarchists and not be naked with these Anarchist Cloths.

Want more music? Check out /r/audioinsurrection for more anarchist music and /r/folkpunk for all your folk punk wants and needs.

Looking for a list of anarcho-punk bands?

BAM! <Click that shit

Looking to learn about punk cultures? Check out /r/punksubculture.

Want more punk music? Look no further than /r/punk.

Cant get your fill of Anarchist music? Check out Radio Guerilla

Interested in Anarchism? Go to /r/AnarchistNews, not /r/Anarchism.

Support the ZAD!

Support Rojava!

Join the Industrial Workers Of the World!

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