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All About the Ancient World

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Welcome to our community!
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Welcome to /r/AncientWorld: A community for those of us who love to learn about and discuss life in the distant past.

An article about life in Iron-Age Poland would be just as appreciated as a video about Greek philosophy - all historical content is welcomed, so long as it relates to ancient society.

This is not the place to share pseudoscientific content or ancient conspiracy theories though - that content will be removed and repeat posters banned. If you see this kind of stuff please report it to the mods!

If you have any sort of questions or issues to bring up, please feel free to message our administrator, /u/joinville_x.

In short, welcome to our community! Feel free to share articles, images, videos, discussions, queries and other content relating to the ancient world.

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Furthermore, remember to check out /r/HistoryNetwork for more historical subreddits.

Note: the theme has changed, and will be changing again over the next few days (when I get time to sort it). Thanks for your patience!

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