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iPhone Master Race

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The official subreddit of The Glorious Android Master Race.
Android is much better than iOS. All glorious users of Android are welcome!
Feel free to post any kind of submission that doesn't go against the rules stated below.

  • Rule #1 Please keep posts related to Android and smartphones/tablets in general and now Android Wear/Auto

  • Rule #2 Follow reddiquette.

  • Rule #3 Do not link directly to threads in other subreddits and no brigading / trolling other subreddits.

  • Rule #4 No screenshots or links of any comment or thread from another subreddit.

  • Rule #5 Screenshots of your homescreens are not allowed those belong in /r/AndroidThemes, screenshots of custom ROMS are allowed though

  • Rule #6 Posts to clickbait articles, and Ebay links are banned.

Breaking the rules will possibly result in a ban!

  • Technical Questions are welcome, but /r/AndroidQuestions is a better place for that

  • Praise Duarte and Andy Rubin

  • This subreddit is not a circlejerk, it is a standard subreddit about the gloriousness of Android with some satirical and humorous elements .

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