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Welcome to r/Anglicanism! All are welcome, including members of churches of the Anglican Communion, members of churches in full communion with the Anglican Communion, members of self-described Anglican churches outside of the communion, and all those who are interested in the Anglican tradition!

We welcome views across the diversity of the Anglican tradition.

Rules for /r/Anglicanism

  1. Don’t be a jerk.

  2. Sexually explicit, violent, oppressive (e.g., racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, ageist, or classist), and unchristian content is not permitted. This rule does not prohibit the respectful expression of opposition to same-sex/same-gender marriage, the view that same-sex/same-gender sexual relations is sinful, the view that gender identity is god-given, must correspond to biological sex, and immutible, complementarianism, or opposition to the ordination of women.

  3. Calling women who have been ordained as presbyters ‘priestesses’ is sexist.
  4. Links to Episcopal Cafe & Anglican Ink are allowed, but try to link to the original source, not a news aggregator.
  5. Neutral sources are better than partisan ones.
  6. The downvote button is not a disagree button.
  7. Don’t make sweeping generalizations about any Anglican jurisdiction, within or outside the Communion.
  8. Don’t assert that all members of a particular jurisdiction are heretics.

  9. While good-faith questions are welcome, anti-Anglican invective is not permitted. In particular, we do not welcome arguments against our right to exist as an independent communion of churches. This rule also applies for our full communion partners, the Old-Catholic Union of Utrecht, the Mar Thoma Syrian Church, and the Philippine Independent Church. This rule does not ban arguments in favor of corporate reunion between the Anglican Communion and the Church of Rome.

  10. Disagreement about human sexuality is not automatically a personal attack.

  11. If you feel personally attacked by someone in a human sexuality thread, please please send a detailed complaint via mod mail, one longer than the report box will allow, explaining in full why the offending comments are a personal attack.
  12. Please stay on topic, except in prayer request and coffee hour self posts.
  13. The prayer request thread is not the place for controversial political issues.

If you disagree with a moderator's action, you can discuss it in modmail, but not in public.

Disrespecting the mods will earn an instant ban and muting.

Online Resources:

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