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ALB: Animated characters are sexy.

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A place for women (or anyone who fancies) to post and appreciate handsome two-dimensional characters. This can include anime, cartoon characters, manga, any type of drawing, video game characters, etc.

All genders are welcome in submissions. Whatever gives you a ladyboner, we want to see it. Diverse posts are what make reddit fun.


  • Please state the show and character's name in your submission title or in flair on your post. The preferred format is the work's name in brackets [like so] and the character's name right after that. Or you could simply put "xxx from yyy."

  • No photos of real men. There is a separate subreddit for that.

  • Be nice! If you don't agree with someone's ladyboner, please keep it to yourself. It's all about (animated) love!

  • Tag NSFW links! They're absolutely welcome, just give us some warning.

  • If you link to fanart, please give credit to the artist in whatever way you can. If you found the image on deviantART, list the username of the creator, etc. Artists are the ones who make this all happen after all!

  • Please rehost your image if it's from a blog, tumblr, a Google search, etc, in order to prevent the link from expiring. Try to stick to DeviantArt and imgur.

If you are unsure of a source, a great tool is iqdb's reverse image search, as well as SauceNAO.

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