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Sale Details on Anime Merchandise, Manga, and Figures

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A source for sales on anime series, merchandise, Asian films, and figures. Feed your hunger with discounts and coupons!

Feel free to post coupon codes, upcoming sales, discounts, and anything else of interest.

Please don't post referral links of any kind.

RightStufAnime Sales & Deals (2014-2017)

Keep up-to-date with the latest:

/r/AnimeNews Catalog

Anime Television Schedule

AniplexUSA Release Calendar

Dark Horse Comics Upcoming Manga

FUNimation Release Schedule

JManga Free Previews

Individual/Private Sellers:

Individual sellers are allowed as long as your sale follows ALL of these rules:

  • All sale/trade posts must be tagged with [Yard Sale] or [Trade].
  • All sales/trades must be self-posts.
  • All sale items must be priced and a preferred payment option listed (i.e. PayPal, eBay).
  • Sale items can't exceed original retail price (we're a discount anime community).
  • A time-stamped photo and your username must be in one or more of the photos depicting sale/trade items.

Your account must be at least 3 months old.

One sale/trade post per user every 7 days.

Recurring Deals:

[Daily] Crunchyroll's Daily Deals

[Weekly] Barnes & Noble Manga Mondays

[Weekly] FUNimation's Deals of the Week

[Weekly] RightStuf's Weekly Specials

[Clearance] RightStuf's Clearance Deals

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