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Complete Creator Requests Desktop

Mentioning the resolution of the image in the post title is appreciated. For example [1920x1200].


  • Plz Do Not Post Image Trace Vectors Here As They Look Sloppy And Ugly.
  • No Hentai But Light Nsfw Is Ok.
  • Vector Wallpapers And or Minimal/Stylized Wallpapers Only.
  • If You Post Someone Else Work PLEASE Cite Them As Source.
  • If Your Not Sure If Your Wallpaper Is a Vector Msg a Mod To Have It Looked At.
  • If Your Wallpaper Is A Spoiler(Death or Couples)Mark NSFW

Don't Know What a Vector Is? Click HERE! Find Vector Wallpapers HERE. Made a Vector?Join Our GRP! Don't forget to up vote!!!

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Illustrator Tutorial

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>Submission Guidelines > ===== > * Please Read The Rules To The Right If This Is Your First Time Posting. > * Dont Post Renders As They Are Not Vectors.

> * Please Use Flairs For Appropriate Posts.

> * If Your Post Is Nsfw Mark It Plz.

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