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Anime Dubs

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Welcome to \/r/AnimeDubs

> - > This subreddit is for news, information, discussion and appreciation of all types of anime dubs, dubbed anime & non-japanese Anime Influenced animation, good and bad. English, German, French, as long as it's not Japanese it belongs here. Fandubs and fan-covers are also welcome.



> >- 1. Follow the five rules of reddit and the reddiquette. 2. Be polite. Personal attacks, rudeness or trolling will not be tolerated. 3. Do not post unmarked spoilers (see "Spoiler Tag" section below) 4. No Japanese dubs unless it's used for comparison to a dub in another language. 4. If you're posting about a dub in any other language than English, specify the language in the post-title. 5. No links or other obvious direction toward sites for illegal streams or downloads of any kind. This includes promotion of illegal uploaders. Mentioning names in the context of genuine and honest discussion on piracy is fine. 6. Do not use link shortening services similar to or tinyurl. (Native shorteners for sites like Reddit or Youtube is fine.) 7. All text posts must be flaired with an apropriate flair or it will be deleted.



> >- > You are allowed to make posts that simply discuss plot/characters as long as it's from the dubbed version of an anime. Please don't downvote to show dissent. We welcome different and controversial opinions. Please don't question whether or not something belongs on this subreddit. The mods will remove posts that don't belong have no fear. non-japanese Anime Influenced animation like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Castlevania and RWBY is allowed. If you report a post please also Send us a PM and explain why you believe the reported post is breaking the rules. Please apply an apropriate FLAIR to your text posts.


This months dub release schedule:

> >- January 2018 List of past months releases.


Usefull Links:

> >- Is it dubbed? anime checker List of Sites Where You Can Legally Watch Dubbed Anime Condensed list of dub releaes sorted by genre and year Comprehensive List of Dubbed anime by Genre MAL group Discord Channel for Dubbed Anime Discussions * Download link for /r/AnimeDubs graphical assets


Related Subreddits:

> >- * /r/toonami


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