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A subreddit for only the dankest of anime memes.

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Rules for our subreddit:

1: This sub is dedicated to anime memes (animemes) or memes that have been made to relate to anime. Posts that are not anime memes, or related to anime memes will get removed.

  • Posts that are memes solely on the title are not animemes content. The post must be a meme independent of the title - content should stand on its own, and we don't want the sub to become /r/animereactionimages, which has historically happened when this rule was rescinded.

  • Posts aimed to advertise are not allowed. Posts should be memes, not advertisements. Deliberate spam in comments to advertise is also not allowed.

  • Anime song mashups are not animemes content. Videos happening to contain anime OPs are fine as long as they are not mashups. They are considered to be low-effort content, and can easily flood the sub.

  • Posts made specifically like an AdviceAnimals posts will be removed. This does not mean that having the impact font means removal, rather the actual style of post itself unironically.

  • Make sure this is the right subreddit for your post. Some posts may be removed because they are more suitable for subs like /r/anime_irl, /r/animenocontext, /r/animememes or /r/bannedfromanimemes

2: Be nice. This is just a standard for all sub-reddits, don't attack people, spoil things for others, use sexist/racist/homophobic language, bully, troll, bait or post shock images. That's mean!

3: Direct links are recommended, preferably hosted on imgur, or gfycat. Not using a preferred image hosting site may cause the auto moderator to remove the post. If your post does get removed, see if resubmitting it from an approved source will do the trick instead of messaging a mod. If your account is too new to post, message a mod and your post should be approved shortly.

4: If you know the source of the meme, post it! You don't have to post the source, but it's a way to become a good-noodle. We have the glorious robot /u/roboragi to help us source thanks to /u/Nihilate! ❤️ Here's how to use him!

5: No screenshots of texts or social media. Direct quotes from people that aren't edits will be removed. Unfortunately, globally allowing social media posts has historically resulted in a drop of content quality, even though there are a few diamonds in the rough.

6: No images or videos relating to current politics. This is not the place for your politics, your arguments, etc - and most of us would like it to stay that way.

7: No nudity, you big bakas!

8: No "If this posts gets x upvotes..." or "Upvote if..." posts. They suck.

9: Tag spoilers and format correctly. Spoilers are not very fun for those spoiled, so if you are posting spoilers use the reddit spoiler tag and correctly format a post by putting the name of the show in brackets at the start of the post. The correct format should look like this:

[Boku no Pico] Haha funny meme yes!

Minor spoilers are generally acceptable - use your better judgement.

-Rules written by /u/SamHam101 ~~and a couple other people haha~~

We have a steam group here too!

And a discord! Message the moderators for the invite link.

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