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A subreddit for only the dankest of anime memes.

Our sister subreddits:

/r/anime_irl, /r/Planetchan and /r/handholding

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/r/WholesomeAnimemes, /r/Earthchan, /r/animereactionimages/ /r/hentai_irl, /r/KizunaA_Irl, and /r/MoeMorphism.

Rules for our subreddit:

Rule 1: This sub is dedicated to anime memes (animemes) or memes that have been made to relate to anime.

Some things to note about our content

  • Reaction image posts are only allowed on weekends. This will be on UTC time.

  • Posts need to work without the title

  • No advertising in comments or as posts.

  • No Anime song mashups

  • No AdviceAnimals styled posts

  • No "If this posts gets x upvotes..." or "Upvote if..." posts.

For a more in depth guide on rule 1, check here

Rule 2: Be nice. No attacking, deliberate spoiling, sexist/racist/homophobic language, bully, troll, bait or post shock images. That's mean!

RULE 3: Direct links are recommended, preferably hosted on imgur, or gfycat.**

RULE 4: Whilst not mandatory, If you know the source of an image, remember to post it. thanks to /u/Nihilate! ❤️ we have Roboragi to help you out. Here's how to use him!

RULE 5: No screenshots of texts or social media. Edits are alright though.

RULE 6: No images or videos relating to current politics.

RULE 7: No nudity, you big bakas!

RULE 8: Use our spoiler format. The correct format should look like this:

[Boku no Pico] Haha funny meme yes!

RULE 9: Reposts younger than 2 months will be removed. In order to report this correctly just report: "repost: [link to the post]"

For a more comprehensive breakdown of our rules, check our extended rules page!

We have a steam group here too!

And a discord! Message here if you're interested!

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