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  1. All submissions must be tagged with the appropriate link flair. If you don't, our flair bot will automatically remove your post. See here to learn how to flair your post.
  2. Be descriptive. Posts containing fewer than 100 characters will be automatically removed. See here for more info.
  3. Use spoiler tags (see below) and no spoilers in titles. If revealing spoilers is crucial to your post, do so in the body. We reserve the right to ban you if you do not follow this rule.
  4. NSFW posts are not allowed. Explicit images, hentai, H-games, and other pornography are off-limits. Posts may recommend a work with NSFW scenes in it so long as nudity is not its focal point. See here for clarification.
  5. Search before you post. Chances are if you liked something, someone else here has as well and has already made your request.
  6. No illegal content. Consult this list to see which sites are allowed to post.
  7. Be positive. Posts about why something should not be watched are discouraged. Posts about why someone's suggestion might not fit a request are okay, however, and are preferable to downvoting. Observe reddiquette and follow Reddit's rules.

Accepted media

  • Anime
  • Manga
  • Anime-inspired shows/films
  • Light Novels (LN)
  • Visual Novels (VN)


All spoilers must be tagged. Here's how:

[Anime Title](/s "Spoiler text")    
[Anime Title](#s "Spoiler text")

Both alternatives will show up as:

> Anime Title


>Ash's first pokémon is

>[Pokémon Ep. 1](/s "Pikachu")

Will look like:

>Ash's first pokémon is

> Pokémon Ep. 1

Sometimes, the title itself might be a spoiler, in which cases it's okay to leave it blank or simply tag it as "Spoiler".


> > "Anime where main characters die?"

> [](/s "Anime Title goes here")

> [Spoiler](/s "Anime Title goes here")

Will look like:

> > "Anime where main characters die?"


> Spoiler


Anime lists with suggestion engines:

If you have a MAL account:

If you don't have a MAL account:


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