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Anime Wallpapers

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Use SauceNAO and IQDB before posting a source request. | Please tag your spoilers.

Subreddit for anime and anime-style wallpapers.


Posting guide:

  1. Make sure your wallpaper meets the resolution and aspect ratio requirements.
  2. Mark NSFW wallpapers accordingly.
  3. Mention the anime name and the image resolution in the title.
  4. Add the correct flair to your submission. Which flair should I use?
    For completed requests update the flair to Fulfilled ✔.
  5. Provide the source in the comments. SauceNAO and IQDB are excellent tools for finding the artist and better quality versions of a picture.
    Browser extension to make the tools very easy to use.
  6. Quality over quantity! For wallpapers that share a theme make a album instead of multiple posts. No more than four posts per day, try to avoid reposting. If you are posting an unedited wallpaper use the repost checker before posting.


Upscaling images:

  1. Make sure your source is the highest quality available using IQDB/SauceNAO.
  2. Use Waifu2x to upscale the image:
    online preview version, downloadable version.


Hosting your wallpaper:

  • Imgur: Make a free account first to avoid lossy compression. For anonymous uploads the limit is 1 MB, for registered users the limit 5 MB.
  • Redditbooru: Unlimited file size, no image compression. Recommended for larger wallpapers.

Spoilers in the comments should use the following format:

[Anime Title](/s "spoiler")

This will show up as Anime Title.


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Check out the wiki for guides, tools, and resources.

Also check out /r/wallpapers for general wallpapers.

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