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What is an AntiAntiJoke?? Well....

Some analysis has helped us address this issue. For the busier people/sharks, here is our definition:

> Jokes have funny punchlines.

> AntiJokes have mundane, run-of-the-mill punchlines.

> AntiAntiJokes have absurd, ridiculous, non-sensical punchlines.

>AntiAntiJokes ARE NOT just a random ridiculous setup phrase, followed by a different ridiculous phrase for a punchline. A true AntiAntiJoke has a common thread carrying all the way through the joke.

Here's an example:

> Q: A man walks into a bar...

> Joke: He orders the "Double Entendre". The bartender gives it to him.

> AntiJoke: His rampant alcoholism is tearing his family apart.

> AntiAntiJoke: The floor of the bar collapses because it is made of construction paper. The man falls into the alligator pit below, where he befriends the alligators and lives happily ever after on

  • RULES:

  • No antijokes, or jokes. This subreddit is for AntiAntiJokes only

  • All AntiAntiJokes should have some sort of internal logic.

  • AntiAntiJokes are also not simply references to Reddit trends or memes. Go DEEPER.

  • Please don't troll in the comments, or post anything demeaning. Sure, you can take your comments to the level of AntiAntiJokes, but you should know where to stop

  • Have fun!

  • Implementing pictures in the comments:

  • Ryan the butler: [](/ryan)

  • George the dino: [](/george)

  • Wind turbine: [](/wind)

  • Charlie Chaplin: [](/chaplin)

  • Sponge guy: [](/sponge)

  • Peenuts!: [](/peanuts)

  • Popcorn: [](/cornpop)

  • Zoidberg: [](/zoidberg)

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