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Nerds pissing you off? Obama shitting up the country? Israel demanding more American blood? You've come to the right sub.

AntiPOZi is a subreddit that is against cultural HIV/AIDS, particularly that found on Reddit. Cultural HIV/AIDS ("poz") is defined as anything that weakens a society's ability to defend itself against cultural subversiveness.

AntiPOZi is not a subreddit for political activism. AntiPOZi is not a subreddit dedicated to any political movement, cause, or leader. The subreddit isn't about white nationalism, neo-Nazism, fascism, or plain old conservatism.

AntiPOZi exists as a subreddit for alt-righters (of all stripes) to comment without dealing with leftists snarking at them.


Do not vote on linked threads. If you do, the admins will ban you. No, there's not a good reason for this, it's just the rules of Reddit. You may comment on linked threads, but voting will get you banned.

Do not doxx. Doxxing will get the entire sub banned. Report all doxx posts immediately.

Submit all links to Reddit as .np. Linking to other sections of Reddit is fine, but use .np links. This protects the subreddit against accusations of vote brigading.

Free speech. Self-governance are the rules of this sub. There are only a few limitations:

  1. Don't post spam or pornography.
  2. Mark anything that is NSFW as such.
  3. Avoid curse words/slurs in thread titles.

No excessive shitposting. We had to add this rule because we've had several obsessive shitposters spam the sub. If your posts contributes nothing to the sub or provide zero entertainment value, you will be banned. (Note that mild shitposting is acceptable.)

Be funny, insightful, or funny and insightful. It would be super duper swell if we could have less white noise posts and more humor posts.

ALLIES: Here are some like-minded subreddits you might consider visiting.

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• /r/Polistan - If you like /pol/ (though it's mostly inactive).

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• /r/FeministHate - For discussing legbeard feminist whores.

• /r/new_right, /r/paleoconservative, and /r/darkenlightenment - Subreddits with similar political views.

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