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Against DRM and all antifeatures! (/r/Antifeatures)

Part of the Free Culture Reddit Community!

The free culture movement is a social movement opposing the privatization of technology, information, and creativity. We promote free software, free formats, and other free cultural works as a matter of social justice and anti-oppression.

Sister Subreddits:

/r/FreeCulture - Organizing, activism, news, and discussion
/r/FreeSoftware - Software-specific topics
/r/LibreProjects - Share and promote free cultural works
/r/LibreDesign - Graphic design
/r/LibreStudio - Audio/Video production

Specific categories:

/r/Antifeatures - Digital Restrictions Management (DRM)
/r/Cyberfeminism - Anti racism/sexism/etc & technology
/r/CyberLaws - Technology and Law
/r/DarknetPlan - Decentralized internet
/r/FreeGaming - Free/Libre Video Games and Development

Warning! Creative Commons does not equal free culture.

"NonCommercial" ironically is proprietary, because it maintains the biggest part of a copyright monopoly, commercial rights.

"NoDerivs" is proprietary because it disallows modifications, a central part of free culture.

Use a free culture license!

For software, check out the FSF's license recommendations guide, and for other cultural works use one of the following licenses.


Free Art License (FAL)

GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL)

Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC-BY-SA)


CC0 (Creative Commons Zero)

CC-BY (Creative Commons Attribution)


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