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Welcome to r/antipsychiatry!

We acknowledge the general ineffectiveness & unspoken damage of psychiatric drugs, & but also support self-ownership of your body. And thus an informed person should have a right to use any drug.

We like [Wikipedia's summary of mental health criticism] (, which says: > 1. The specific definitions of, or criteria for, hundreds of current psychiatric diagnoses or disorders are vague & arbitrary, leaving too much room for opinions and interpretations to meet basic scientific standards.
> 2. Prevailing psychiatric treatments are ultimately far more damaging than helpful to patients.

We oppose the violence & dehumanizing labels of psychiatry.

Quotes: YSK many former leaders in psychiatry have explained it's not scientific.



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  1. The "argument" that "X people are different, therefore diseased" (eugenics bigotry) may be removed.

That was the same "argument" used against gays. We have debunked this endlessly.

  1. Torturing people is not a scientific debate.

No advocating assault/torture.

You will be warned/debunked, but repeat offenders may be banned.

Otherwise, we want to maximize free speech and encourage debating.



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