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Anxiety Disorders

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Useful wiki pages

Check out this page for immediate help for panic.

Seeking Professional Help? - information on where to turn and what to do once you've decided you want to get help.

Check Out This Thread For CBD Info

Rules & Guidelines

Ground Rules

  • All posts must be related to anxiety.
  • Follow Reddiquette at all times.
  • When asking advice, provide as much information as you are comfortable giving (age, type of anxiety, country, etc).
  • No memes. We'd appreciate it if those were posted to our sister sub, /r/anxietymemes.

Be Supportive

  • Treat others with respect. No homophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist comments.
  • Be mindful of common triggers.
  • Do not post anything that would be anxiety-inducing to members of the community.

Medical Discussions

  • We are not medical professionals and cannot diagnose you or give you medical advice.
  • No discussions of where to buy or how to obtain medications or drugs. This includes benzos and CBD.
  • Do not promote "quick fix" products or ideas.


  • This is not the place to promote an ideology or political views. While everyone is entitled to their beliefs, we will not accept attempts to pressure others or hijack the subreddit's conversation.
  • r/Anxiety attempts to be politically neutral, and we expect our users to respect that. Threads about politics should remain focused on the anxiety, not the politics.


  • Do not advertise products or services.
  • Messaging users without their consent will get you banned.

Content Attribution

  • All art and poetry should be attributed to its original authors.
  • You are free to post content you have created, but give background information on how it relates to your anxiety.

Research Studies/Surveys

  • We request to review all research studies before they are posted. Please see the details here.

Full list of rules here


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