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App Nana Invitation Codes

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RULES: - No hate, if caught hating on another user, you'll be banned.

  • No spamming, if you post your code more than once within 2 hours, it will be removed. If you post your code more than three times in a single post title, it will be removed. BREAKING THIS RULE MAY GET YOU SUSPENDED OR BANNED

  • No scamming, any form of scamming will not be tolerated. Your code does not earn more than 2,500 nanas and it never will. Every code earns 2,500 nanas and any post claiming otherwise will be removed. ANY POSTER BREAKING THIS RULE WILL BE PERMA-BANNED

  • Your code must be somewhere in the post title. To prevent spamming, all posts must include your code somewhere in the title. If there are any spaces or punctuation marks within your code, the post will be removed automatically. For example, "add this code a1234567" would work but "add this code a 1 2 3 4 5 6 7" wouldn't.

  • Please don't send your codes to mod mail. They will be ignored. If you want someone to use your code, please make a post like everyone else.


What is AppNana?

AppNana is a website used by people to earn a range of rewards listed below.

How is this done?

Certain apps are advertised the website. When you download and run these apps, the website pays out nanas. Nanas are the website's point system. The payout for each app you download starts from 1000 and sometimes even reach 10000.

What can I do with these nanas?

You earn the nanas and spend them on a range of rewards listed below.

What are the codes people post on this subreddit?

Every appnana user has a code that they can use to invite others. If someone inputs their code in the invitation menu, both members earn 2500 nanas. For every 5 people someone invites, they can input one code.

Full list of rewards and availability - Paid AppStore apps (US, Canada, Europe)

  • In-app purchases (US)

  • Xbox Live gift Cards (US and UK)

  • PSN Cards (US and UK)

  • GTA Cash Cards (US and UK)

  • PayPal Cash (Worldwide)

  • Steam wallet cards (Worldwide)

  • League of Legends Game Cards (US and Canada)

  • Bitcoin (Worldwide)

  • Amazon Gift Cards (US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain)

  • iTunes cards (US, UK and Canada)

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