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/r/ApplyingToCollege is the premier forum for college admissions questions, advice, and discussions, from college essays and scholarships to SAT/ACT test prep, career guidance, and more.

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>#Rules for Participating

> In addition to the subreddit's rules which are listed below, Reddit's Content Policy is effective on this subreddit at all times and can be used as grounds for post/comment removal or bans. The Reddiquette may also be enforced at the discretion of the moderators in the interest of maintaining a positive and supportive community.

>(T1) Effective until 4/15: All threads made only for the sole purpose of sharing your own decisions as well as all megathreads that are not affiliated with the moderators are prohibited and will be removed.

>(T2) Effective until 4/15: Do not demean somebody's college or the effort they put into the whole process, even in the slightest mention or hint. Anybody who does so will receive an immediate 3-30 day ban.

>(1) Be nice. Always remember the human and follow the reddiquette. Comments which are inflammatory, racist, rude, attacking, etc. are strictly prohibited and will be removed.

>(2) This is a subreddit dedicated to the undergraduate and transfer admissions process. Keep discussion on topic. Do not post spam (any off-topic and low quality post) or solicitations. Keep 'chance me' posts to /r/ChanceMe. Such posts are subject to removal here.

>(3) Do not post personally identifying/sensitive information (e.g. names, e-mail addresses, school name, etc). Attempting to solicit, reveal, or share personal information about others will also be strictly prohibited under the penalty of a ban.

>(4) Use descriptive titles. "HELP", "Urgent!!!!!", and otherwise obnoxious titles may be removed at moderator discretion.

>(5) When asking advice, provide as much pertinent info as possible (e.g. SAT/GPA/URM, grade, location, etc.).

>(6) Do not encourage people to or solicit information on how to lie on applications, plagarize essays, or otherwise do unethical things. Posts explicitly condoning such behavior will be removed and users will be banned at mod discretion.

>(7) Flaired admissions professionals must adhere to the NACAC code of ethics at penalty of removal of flair or a ban.

>(8) AMAs by admissions pros must be reviewed by the moderation team. Please click here to request an AMA.

>(9) The mods reserve the right to lock threads or delete comment chains that result in large amounts of violations of the above rules as well as ban users depending on the severity of the infraction.

>#Admissions Resources >Books



>Admissions Vocabulary

>Common Data Sets

>Comparative rankings over time among top schools

>Acceptance Rates at Selective Colleges

>Sample Essays

>Sample Essays + Blog

>[Useful Websites] (

>Khan Academy

>College Admissions Toolbox

>Real reaches, safeties, and matches from the class of '21

>#Related Subreddits >/r/ACT


>/r/ChanceMe (for "what are my chances?")




>/r/ReverseChanceMe (for college search)














>If you're an admissions officer, please send us a message to request verification or if you have any questions about participation in /r/ApplyingToCollege. We ask that all admissions professionals adhere to the NACAC code of ethics at all times.

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