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A subreddit for all aquarium lovers!

Feel free to post here looking for advice on anything aquarium related, saltwater, freshwater, planted, or any other type of aquarium.

Post pictures or video of your tank, even if it's just to show off! We'd love to see it.

If you want to make GIF, you can upload a short video (up to 10 seconds) directly from your device at .

We're glad to help with fish compatibility, disease diagnosis, livestock/plant issues and other general tank problems. If you are seeking help with your aquarium, please provide the information listed on the submit page

Subreddit Rules:

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||| :-|:- 1. Stay on topic.| Any off topic posts will be removed 2. No Trolling |Trolling will result in a permanent ban. 3. No Advertising| Blatant advertising will be removed as it is a form of spam. 4. Do not spam the subreddit| If the majority of the content you submit and comment on is your own site or youtube channel you are spamming and your posts will be removed. Continuing to post will result in a ban. Reddit Rule 5. This subreddit is not a place to sell fish or equipment, nor is it a place to shop. |All for sale/looking for/give away type posts will removed and recommended to be reposted at /r/aquaswap. 6. Respect Privacy.| All forms of personal privacy should be respected when posting photos or comments. 7. No name-calling.|It's okay to disagree with someone, but choose your words well, or you potentially may no longer be allowed to post here. 8. Tag NSFW images accordingly. |All images of dead animals (including skeletons) should be tagged NSFW 9. No Memes. |This includes image macros, (rage) comics, demotivational images, shitposts, and other low effort posts. Please redirect them to /r/AquariumMemes.

To add Flair to your username, click the edit link next to your username, located below the Subreddit Info.

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