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>/r/archery is a place to share and discuss content relating to one of mankind's earliest pastimes. Hunting, recreational, and competition archery are all welcome!

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  1. Reddit rules and reddiquette apply.
  2. Every discipline is welcome! Please refrain from discriminating based on another user's style of shooting or choice of bow. PVC bows are archery as much as FITA compound.
  3. Posts must be archery related. Effort and content policies are left to the voters.
  4. Please read the FAQ, and recently asked questions before asking questions.
  5. This is a learning and discussion environment, please try and be factual and informative in posts. Due to the vast history and consequential variety in archery, denote biases where applicable. (ie: "As a barebow shooter I've found..)
  6. Don't nock an arrow until everyone is across the line!

|Please read the wiki!

/r/archery maintains an active wiki. Feel free to contribute, as it is a community document. It contains:|

> * Links to other archery content around the web

> * A 'Getting Started' guide

> * A buying guide for all budgets

> * A guide to the various disciplines in archery

| Archery Subreddits || :--|:-- | Olympic Archery| Compound Bows| | Traditional Archery | Japanese Archery | | Bowhunting | Bowfishing | | Archery classifieds | Bow Making |

| Related subreddits || --|-- | Camping/Hiking | ImaginaryArchers | | Hunting | Martial Arts | | Meditation | Guns |

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