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The Artist's Guide to Grant Writing

"The Artist’s Guide to Grant Writing is designed to transform readers from starving artists fumbling to get by into working artists who confidently tap into all the resources at their disposal."

  • Welcome to r/ArtCrit!

  • A reddit for artists to get feedback on their work, all forms welcome. Traditional, digital, anything goes.

  • All art forms welcome

  • Subreddit Rules

  • Please be civil

  • Do not slander "bad" work, these artists stand to benefit the most from even simple suggestions and critiques

  • Keep critique focused on technique and craftsmanship

  • Please refrain from downvoting submissions you do not like. These people are looking for help improving, just like everybody else.

  • Posted work must be submitted by the artist, or someone close to them, posts to sites discussing art or other artists will be removed

  • Critique Tips

  • Above all, be honest and forthcoming

  • Be specific, don't say "I like it!" say, "I like the way you...." and likewise for negative comments

  • Be Helpful, link to books, tutorials, or offer exercises for the artist

  • Don't refer to things as "good" or "bad," try to talk in terms of skill sets that can be worked on

  • A lot of us are visual thinkers, if you have a tablet copy+paste and make some notes

  • When receiving a critique, don't be too defensive, you can't explain away other peoples opinions of your art, try and listen to what they are saying

  • Follow this link for a great post by Huisme on asking for critique

Flair Legend

Flair should guide other users to understand where you want to go, or where you are coming from, enjoy

Student Flair

Use student flair to show what level you are, feel free to write in a genre or medium




Skill Flair

Skill flair shows off what you're good at, feel free to include genre, technique, or discipline you like to work in, you can be a beginner and still use skill flair if you like












Foundations Flair

Got a really great critique? Message the Mod to recommend that user for Foundations Flair, speical flair for those who are particularly helpful to users


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